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Attention, Do It Yourself customers… bug alerts!!!  Termites are swarming, fire ants are rampant, and June bugs are flying in April meaning early grub worms!! Come see us for the right products for early prevention or quick stopping of these and any other spring pest.

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Tips: if you see termite swarmers or workers, do not try to kill them where they live. This will only move them. Many termite infestations can be eradicated with a do it yourself plan, but some cannot. Please consult us for a professional evaluation of your entire situation. And if you end up needing a service, rest assured that our service division, in business since 1978, will give you the best value and service you’ll find anywhere.

June beetles, also called May beetle or June bugs are starting to fly. These red-brown beetles commonly appear in the DFW area during warm spring evenings and are attracted to lights. They are heavy-bodied and vary from 12 to 25 mm (0.5 to 1 inch) and have shiny wing covers. They feed on foliage and flowers at night, sometimes causing considerable damage. June beetle larvae, called grub worms live in our soil. They can destroy lawns bushes and flower beds by severing vegetation from its roots.